donderdag 9 april 2015

Week 9: After a break of 3 weeks...

Hi all,

I'm sorry I've kept you hanging like this.
I know I haven't taken the time to post anything in a while, and to make matters worse, I also haven't been taping nor lacing for 3 weeks. I was feeling poorly for so long, I didn't wear the corset for 3 weeks and so I made quite a lapse and had to start again from scratch.

But now I'm back on my feet and lacing again. Today is the first time I'm actually taking time to edit the films I've been taping and to finally share them with you guys.

So here is my report on my situation after 3 weeks of illness and starting to lace again, slowly. Previous to my illness, I had been lacing even tighter than normal attempting to actually start lacing down more than usual. The day I left my corset at home, was to do a loveshoot in a park, and the first day I was experiencing a banging headache. Look at my uncorsetted waist the day before I should have been taping!

I wanted to postpone taping day until I felt better, but for 3 weeks I didn't... This brought my natural waist at a set back to 94 cm.
Luckily I got back in shape rather quickly, to my great surprise and delight. The first time I felt well enough to start again, my corsetted waist laced down to 82 cm!

Watch my vlog by clicking here.

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