dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Week 8: thighs and corsets

This week I had my period so I took a few days off. But before this week something happened that I also experienced about a month ago; a mysterious pressure building up in my thighs.
I think this is caused by the corset pushing fat down into my hips and thighs. I can't be sure though as I haven't been focusing on the circumference of my thighs.

This made me think of an invention the old lady told about, the same one who told about corset wear and the female cycle. She said that women sometimes wore bands around their thighs to give them a nice round shape. These leg 'corsets' for lack of a better word, are strips of fabric, about 6-7 cm wide and all laced together to cover the entire upperleg. At the top they would be gathered with some lace or elastic band, not so tight as it would close of any bloodflow! This would give a nice brim at the top of the leg, also accentuating the bum.
She also saw these things displayed at the museum of Empress Elizabeth in Viena, but there they were displayed as 'legwarmers'...

She did wear them herself for a while in preparation of her wedding, but as she didn't like wearing them. Her husband was very happy with the result however. As the leg corsets shaped her thighs in a round shape and pushed fat up (leaving a narrow line between leg and bum), the corset pushed fat down, leaving her with a huge bum.
I haven't been able to find pictures of these leg corsets, but that's probably because I don't know what they're actually called.

Although I think the fat that is being redistributed by my corset is trying to settle on my thighs, I won't be wearing leg corsets myself. I think tight jeans ought to help me enough to keep them in shape.

My measurements are stabilizing: natural waist 92 cm again, and corseted waist 82 cm again.
I know waisttraining is a slow process and it takes time for the body to get into new shapes, but I hope I will start with actually lacing down very soon. Let's hope this stabilizing is a good omen before I can start lacing down.

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