zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Week 4: Dealing with the monthly cycle

This has been such a strange (and long) week for me.

Let me start at the beginning. One of the things that I really love about the corset is that I don't eat as much candy as I normally would. Not wearing a corset, I usually eat all day through, just because I'm bored or tired or something. But when I'm wearing a corset, I become aware of the fact that I'm not at all hungry much quicker than without.
There's this one evening in which I hadn't eaten anything after dinner and I felt really proud of myself! Even the next morning I still felt thin so I intended to wear the corset much tighter that day. However, during the course of the morning I didn't feel that great in my tighter corset and as I climbed upstairs to my room, I seriously got out of breath. One staircase! And I was just panting away and trying to support my upper body... I knew what was wrong, so I loosened my laces back to a comfy tightness, but I was baffled by the concept that I could loose my breath in a too tight corset! I don't think I would have feinted though, but still. It was a weird experience.

One day I skipped wearing my corset. One became two days and I knew that the third successive day would be the first day of my menstrual cycle. I've laced before and quickly experienced that the pains in my belly get a lot worse while wearing a corset, so in the end I didn't wear my corset for 3 successive day. This was also the day on which I should report my blog, so I postponed that, and my bloggingday alltogether, for 2 days so there would be something to measure again. I must say that halfway the third day I really missed the embrace of my corset as I walked...

Now my fiancee told me this amazing story from one of his students. She's really old and had been lacing since she was 10 years old. What she told him about wearing corsets (and some other facts from her mother's and grandmother's experiences) I've never come across before. I guess nobody has ever bothered to write this information down before, apparently, but to me it is invaluable. So here it is; She was told to stop lacing her corset 2 days before her monthly cycle for a total of 5 days. Unless if you were tightlacing and hadn't reached your desired stable figure yet. In that case you should stop lacing for 3 days; after your first day of menstruation, you could start lacing again.
So as of now, that's what I intend to do!
She also told him that it somehow regulated her cycle. When she stopped wearing her corset alltogether, her cycle became chaotic and had to find a new rythm of it's own. I hope that will work for me as well, but then again, I'm not lacing from the age of 10...

When I my corset back on yesterday I experienced the same thing I had discovered the other time when I had skipped lacing; how incredibly easy is was to lace myself very tight again! Effortlessly. How remarkable is that?!?

When lacing this morning my natural waist was 90 cm again (but what can you expect after 3 days not lacing and my body keeping in all this water because of my cycle) and my corsetted waist... wait for it... 81 cm!!!!!! It's finally decreasing!

Click here to view my vlog: week 4.

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Week 3: Progress!

After two weeks of lacing I've finally discovered some measurable difference!!!
The measurements might have been a little bit compromised as I measured my natural waist in the morning but my corsetted waist at night.
I didn't have time in the morning to film for my vlog so I only took the one measurement. My corset probably got a little looser over the course of the day, so my corsetted measurements might not be as accurate as I would want it, being measured before I took it off at the end of the day...

This past week I've skipped wearing my corset for 1,5 days, but to compensate for that, I've laced in real tight for a ball. I was surprised how easy this was! In my first week there was definitely some resistance while lacing myself in, but now I could just lace myself tight with very little effort.
In line with this discovery is the experience of my upper body slimming down. The upper part of the corset feels almost loose now and I notice no fat anymore on my ribcage :D
My belly has also noticeably moved down. It's sitting in a whole new place now. I hope this will get lost as well as my appetite is now contained by the corset.

My natural waist is now 89 cm (a steady decrease!). My corsetted waist was 83 cm yet again, but this measurement might be slightly off...
And I'm contemplating on seriously improving my vlogging skills :P Any tips?

1. better sound
2. ...

For my vlogpost of this week, click here.

vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Week 2

This past week I've worn my corset every day but one, when I was a bit under the weather.

During this week I've noticed that the fat on my back has moved elsewhere and my waist feels slightly more elegant without it. So I like that result of my first corseted week!

My measurements however are not so noticeably different from my starting measurements... 
My natural waist is 90 cm (one down) and my corseted waist is 83 cm (again). 

Last week I've been lacing snug and comfortable, but this week I'm going to pull the laces a little tighter.