donderdag 9 april 2015

Week 11: Sneak preview!

This is the best post yet as I have such a treat for you guys!
I dug up the mock-up sent by Sparklewren so I could fit it properly and send her the pictures to make sure the fit was right. The corset is totally awesome and the fit is gorgeous, so I will share some of these pictures with you guys as a sort of sneak-preview of my wedding silhouette! I laced down gradually, starting at a comfortable 79 cm (:P) and laced up to a tightness I think I would be able to keep up for an entire day: 73 cm!!!

The exercises I've been doing are paying off and are doing wonders for my legs!

It's also good to stimulate my bloodflow as I'm experiencing a strange tingling in my legs sometimes. But here's the mystery; I also experienced this on the day I was not wearing my corset... I don't know what that is all about, but we'll keep exercising!

And the last piece of news is that I've actually started working on my bridal outfit!
I've cut out the patterns of crinoline, petticoat, bloomers and chemise. I only need to make a mock-up of the bloomers as I don't really trust that pattern yet. I'll keep you posted.

To finish; my natural waist on taping day is 92 cm (I'm back!) and my corsetted waist is still 81 cm! It's been a brilliant week!

To view my vlog, click here. 

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