woensdag 31 december 2014

The very beginning

Today is a good day to start my blog. It's not only newyear's eve, but it's also about 6 months to my weddingday! 

Initially I wanted to start this blog on newyears day, to make a fresh start, but as I live in Holland, we will have oliebollen in the evening and one way to keep me from eating way too much is by wearing a corset. 
My wedding dress will be in a Victorian style and I want to look stunning in the tiniest waist that is possible for me and so I'm starting my lacing regime today. I want to lace down comfortably and am curious how tight I can get. This will give me ample time to shape my figure. 

I'm not a tightlacer and will not wear my corset during the night. I will try to wear it daily and measure my progress weekly. This way I can monitor my progress and entertain people who are curious about my experiment as well. 

This is the first entry. My starting position is 91 cm on my natural waist and 83 cm on my corseted waistline. 
Let's see what happens...

Videoblog Week 1

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