donderdag 9 april 2015

Week 12: Shaping up nicely

Hi everyone,

The first news is dubious; the tingly feeling has left my legs and reappeared in my right arm after wearing the corset for a few hours...

The rest of the week went good. My body is shaping up nicely as I'm picking up on my exercises. A friend introduced me to the 30-day-shred programme I just might use two months before the wedding.

I've been sewing again! My chemise wants for two buttons before it is officially finished and my crinoline is half-done.
To top it all off; Jenni Hampshire of Sparklewren has been so bloody awesome!!! * Thank you so much!!! * She already has my corset finished and ready to post!!! So I don't have to worry about having to make my own bridal corset anymore, which would take me about a month. I'm back on schedule now, somewhat belated, but I still should be able to manage to get all clothing done before the wedding. If not, my bridesmaids have offered to help. You ladies rock!!! Love you, love you, love you!!!

This week I'm still keeping steady; natural waist 92 cm, corsetted waist 81 cm.

To view my vlog (interrupted by my dad :P ), click here. 

Week 11: Sneak preview!

This is the best post yet as I have such a treat for you guys!
I dug up the mock-up sent by Sparklewren so I could fit it properly and send her the pictures to make sure the fit was right. The corset is totally awesome and the fit is gorgeous, so I will share some of these pictures with you guys as a sort of sneak-preview of my wedding silhouette! I laced down gradually, starting at a comfortable 79 cm (:P) and laced up to a tightness I think I would be able to keep up for an entire day: 73 cm!!!

The exercises I've been doing are paying off and are doing wonders for my legs!

It's also good to stimulate my bloodflow as I'm experiencing a strange tingling in my legs sometimes. But here's the mystery; I also experienced this on the day I was not wearing my corset... I don't know what that is all about, but we'll keep exercising!

And the last piece of news is that I've actually started working on my bridal outfit!
I've cut out the patterns of crinoline, petticoat, bloomers and chemise. I only need to make a mock-up of the bloomers as I don't really trust that pattern yet. I'll keep you posted.

To finish; my natural waist on taping day is 92 cm (I'm back!) and my corsetted waist is still 81 cm! It's been a brilliant week!

To view my vlog, click here. 

Week 10: Back on track

After three weeks of illness, this was my first week lacing again. During this week I had to quit my corset for three days because of 'shark week' (I read it online and find it so funny I'm going to stick with it). Nevertheless I'm back on track with my lacing capacities!

I was right on my legs getting bulgy (possibly) because the corset forces the fat downwards, so I've taken up exercising to get them (and the rest of me) into an elegant shape.

My natural waist this week is 94 cm, but my corsetted waist is down to 81! Laced down a whole centimeter!!!

View my vlog here.

Week 9: After a break of 3 weeks...

Hi all,

I'm sorry I've kept you hanging like this.
I know I haven't taken the time to post anything in a while, and to make matters worse, I also haven't been taping nor lacing for 3 weeks. I was feeling poorly for so long, I didn't wear the corset for 3 weeks and so I made quite a lapse and had to start again from scratch.

But now I'm back on my feet and lacing again. Today is the first time I'm actually taking time to edit the films I've been taping and to finally share them with you guys.

So here is my report on my situation after 3 weeks of illness and starting to lace again, slowly. Previous to my illness, I had been lacing even tighter than normal attempting to actually start lacing down more than usual. The day I left my corset at home, was to do a loveshoot in a park, and the first day I was experiencing a banging headache. Look at my uncorsetted waist the day before I should have been taping!

I wanted to postpone taping day until I felt better, but for 3 weeks I didn't... This brought my natural waist at a set back to 94 cm.
Luckily I got back in shape rather quickly, to my great surprise and delight. The first time I felt well enough to start again, my corsetted waist laced down to 82 cm!

Watch my vlog by clicking here.

dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Week 8: thighs and corsets

This week I had my period so I took a few days off. But before this week something happened that I also experienced about a month ago; a mysterious pressure building up in my thighs.
I think this is caused by the corset pushing fat down into my hips and thighs. I can't be sure though as I haven't been focusing on the circumference of my thighs.

This made me think of an invention the old lady told about, the same one who told about corset wear and the female cycle. She said that women sometimes wore bands around their thighs to give them a nice round shape. These leg 'corsets' for lack of a better word, are strips of fabric, about 6-7 cm wide and all laced together to cover the entire upperleg. At the top they would be gathered with some lace or elastic band, not so tight as it would close of any bloodflow! This would give a nice brim at the top of the leg, also accentuating the bum.
She also saw these things displayed at the museum of Empress Elizabeth in Viena, but there they were displayed as 'legwarmers'...

She did wear them herself for a while in preparation of her wedding, but as she didn't like wearing them. Her husband was very happy with the result however. As the leg corsets shaped her thighs in a round shape and pushed fat up (leaving a narrow line between leg and bum), the corset pushed fat down, leaving her with a huge bum.
I haven't been able to find pictures of these leg corsets, but that's probably because I don't know what they're actually called.

Although I think the fat that is being redistributed by my corset is trying to settle on my thighs, I won't be wearing leg corsets myself. I think tight jeans ought to help me enough to keep them in shape.

My measurements are stabilizing: natural waist 92 cm again, and corseted waist 82 cm again.
I know waisttraining is a slow process and it takes time for the body to get into new shapes, but I hope I will start with actually lacing down very soon. Let's hope this stabilizing is a good omen before I can start lacing down.

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